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Guilds Fair - Lunanne - 3 april 10:00-10:37

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I started the log a bit late. I was there earlier but I didn't say anything important than anyway. It was very calm. Looking back I could have tried to talk more about the guildstuff and spread ki mail. but they mentioned already having them . Anyway I'll try to do better. A note for the Cavern Event team, if you organize events don't forget the timezones. I know lots of explorers live in the USA but it is frustating for the rest of the world if they are never able to come.


(04/03 09:58:34) Chat.log started...
(04/03 10:05:52)  Luna(nne): hi again
(04/03 10:05:58)  Aveline Belmond: WB luna
(04/03 10:06:18)  Adam Reith: Shorah Luna
(04/03 10:09:26)  Caroline: hi, 
(04/03 10:09:34)  Adam Reith: Hiya Caroline
(04/03 10:09:37)  Fasara: Shorah Caroline
(04/03 10:09:38)  Aveline Belmond: Shorah b;shem Caroline
(04/03 10:09:42)  Luna(nne): Shorah
(04/03 10:09:55) Caroline waves hello
(04/03 10:12:02)  Adam Reith: Does anyone know how many of the Guilds are actively recruiting? I understand the Greeters are NOT.
(04/03 10:12:10)  Luna(nne): the messengers are
(04/03 10:15:28)  Caroline: so what do the yellow shirts do?
(04/03 10:15:41)  Luna(nne): I'm messenger
(04/03 10:15:57)  Luna(nne): we spread the news from the community in the community
(04/03 10:16:19)  Adam Reith: And you do a great job, Luna. I just got the latest news from Kalypso.
(04/03 10:16:23)  Caroline: ah, I enjoy getting my notice of all the events that happen during my night time.  :)P
(04/03 10:17:00)  Luna(nne): yeah timezones amke stuff hard
(04/03 10:17:03)  Luna(nne): *make
(04/03 10:17:55)  Luna(nne): but i'll mentioned it in the guild
(04/03 10:18:06)  Luna(nne): *mention
(04/03 10:18:10)  Adam Reith: Yes, a shoe and handbag-shop shape would have been so much more practical, eh Caroline?
(04/03 10:23:11)  Caroline: So are you a member of any of the guilds Adam.  Does anyone want you?
(04/03 10:34:53)  Luna(nne): I think it will be busier around afternoon/evening KItime
(04/03 10:37:57)  Luna(nne): bye

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